Useful Resource for Collecting US Military Awards.

These are some of the resources I have used when writing this blog. The information I have provided is in most parts my own work based on my experiences of collecting US awards and medals but this research confirms this and in some instances expands this knowledge. One of my more recent acquisitions (December 2017) “The Call of Duty” (John E Sandberg & Roger James Bender) has an abundance of information in what has been described as the “Bible” of US medal collecting and I have to agree that this is a monumental piece of work and I can only hope my blog will be anywhere as concise as this book. In saying this, Kerrigans “American War Medals & Decorations” along with Foster & Borts “US Military Medals” are also inspirational books that any collector would do well to acquire.

However living in the UK has its limitations with collecting US awards and we are reliant on this information and therefore “Gentlemen, I salute you all” on publishing your works which can only be described as influential!


  • The Call of Duty, (R James Bender Publishing 1994) John E Sandberg & Roger James Bender.
  • American War Medals & Decorations. (Viking Press, New York. Leo Cooper Ltd, 1st UK Edition 1973) Evans E Kerrigan
  • US Military Medals 1939 to Present (Medals of America Press 1998, Fountain Inn, SC) Col. Frank Foster & Mr. Lawrence Borts.
  • Military Decorations and Campaign Service Bars of the United States. (U.S. Insignia Company, New York 1943) Cromwell Gibbons.
  • Uncommon Valor… Decorations, badges & service medals of the U.S. Navy & Marine Corp. (Eagle Print Shop, Hopkinsville, Kentucky 1980) David L Riley, Lt, USN.
  • The National Geographic Magazine October 1943 “The Heraldry of Heroism” by Arthur E. Du Bois.
  • Medal Yearbook 2014. Token Publishing Ltd. John W Mussell, FRGS and the Editorial team of medal news.
  • Medals International Magazine January 1981, Vol 5 No 1.


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