Author: James Findon

Hi I’m James Findon I live in Warwickshire, UK and my main employment is as a Maintenance Supervisor for a Global Real Estate Company. I have previously worked for the civil service on a United States Air Force Base in the UK and this developed my keen interest in American military history. I regularly contribute articles to military forums on the internet especially US Awards and equipment. I have visited some of Europe’s battlefields and US Cemeteries including Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my Blog as I’ve a passion for all things US Military. 

This Blog is intended for those who share a common interest in Military Awards of the United States of America. The content of this blog is in no way politically motivated in any way shape or form and the author has no association or affiliation with any political organisations. It is purely to show the experience and history of collecting these awards of which the content* are the author’s own work and any reference to other material will be acknowledged.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments especially if you want to copy or use the information available for your own research but please acknowledge where this information was obtained.

* All photographic content are owned by the author and any others that are not are recognized as such.

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