Memorial Day

DSC_0437 (3) - CopyHenri-Chapelle in Belgium.

On the last Monday in May the United States of America observes Memorial Day to remember all those who died whilst serving in the US Military on active service. First observed following the Civil War in 1868 this act of remembrance has similarities to the UK’s remembrance Sunday in November. Events are held all over the USA and throughout the World at various cemeteries and monuments to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of the United States. I have visited several US military cemeteries over the years including Coleville-sur-mer in Normandy, France which overlooks Omaha Beach, Henri-Chapelle in Belgium and in the United Kingdom, Madingley American cemetery near Cambridge.

STA41219 - CopyColeville-sur-mer in Normandy, France.

These cemeteries and others like them are cared for by the American Battle Monuments Commission. Let us not forget those who laid down their lives so that we in this world can live a life of freedom which was paid for with a greater sacrifice than many of us alive today could ever begin to contemplate or understand.               

DSC_0031 - Copy

Madingley American Cemetery, Cambridge, England.  

“Do not say my sons are dead; They only sleepest; They loved each other, stayed together; And with their comrades crossed together; To that great beyond; So weep not mothers; Your sons are happy and free….” Mrs J S Hoback, Mother of Bedford Hoback who was killed in Action Omaha beach June 6th and Raymond Hoback missing in Action June 6th (His body was never found). Bedford Hoback is buried in the Colville American cemetery with 10 other “Boys” from Bedford, Virginia amongst 9386 American dead from the Normandy campaign.*

*Poem by Mrs J S Hoback and information from the book “The Bedford Boys” Alex Kershaw, Simon & Schuster UK Ltd 2003

DSC_0003 - Copy

Memorial Wall to the Missing In Action, Madingley American Cemetery, Cambridge, England.

Author: James Findon

Hi I'm James Findon I live in Warwickshire, UK and my main employment is as a Maintenance Supervisor for a Global Real Estate Company. I have previously worked for the civil service on a United States Air Force Base in the UK and this developed my keen interest in American Military Awards and military history. I regularly contribute articles to military forums on the internet especially US Awards and equipment. I have visited some of Europe's battlefields and US Cemeteries including Normandy and Bastogne. I hope you'll enjoy reading my Blog as I've a passion for all thing US Military and for my sins I'm now an American Football convert, Green Bay being my team. Enjoy!

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